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The Weekly CW Net is back on! See the details here.




We are the QRP Club of New England. We are dedicated to fun and the advancement of low power (QRP) Amateur Radio. You don’t need a kilowatt to work the world.

If you would like to join NEQRP, please contact KK1X using only this link. Other emails are unlikely to evade the spam filters, and I won’t see your request. Please provide your full name, call, and email.

If you are already a member, join our mailing list  graciously hosted by QTH.net.  It tends to be pretty quiet. Please don’t ask me to enroll you. I won’t. I’ll just send you back here.

If you are not a member and try to join the mailing list, your application will be rejected. Save us all a lot of time and become a member (it’s free) before trying to join the mailing list.

Follow our blog to see new happenings and fun stuff!

Find the BUILD INSTRUCTIONS and SCHEMATIC for the NEScaf kit.

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