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We are happy to once again make the New England Switched Capacitor Audio Filter (NESCAF) available to the QRP community.

Please be aware that the NESCAF board is approximately 2" x 2" (5.08cm x 5.08cm). It's all through-hole construction, i.e. not a bad build, but we recommend a soldering iron in the 20-30W range. 


Build Instructions

Two kits can fit into one envelope, so two kits can be shipped for the same price. We pass the savings on to you.

If you order one NESCAF twice, we will charge you twice for the shipping.

We are now able to handle DX orders in three classes, all based on our cost of making the shipments.

Now, for one or two units, shipping costs are:

Domestic:         $4.00
Canada:           $11.00
Mexico:           $13.00
Other DX:       $15.00


Please be aware that the NESCAF kits are currently out of stock. We are doing our best to refill our stockroom, but we are a volunteer organization subject to the whims and peculiarities of our personal lives. As such, we cannot quite predict when this restocking will be complete. Should you wish to be notified when kits are again available for purchase, please contact KK1X.