Boxboro 2019

NEQRP at Boxboro 2019

(Join in on whatever you’d like to attend)
Friday, September 6th
KICKOFF Breakfast at 9AM at the Hotel Restaurant.
Setup of WQ1RP “The Official QRP Station” @ Boxboro!
(Location: South parking lot – Bring your own QRP station and operate WQ1RP during the HAMvention)
Setup of the NEQRP booth/table in the Parade Room, i.e. “Exhibition/Vendors Hall”
“Early-Birds” Meet ‘N Greet starting at: “Whenever-You-Get-There” on Friday
till when ever it dissipates Friday evening
Where? – Hotel Restaurant/Bar and the Front-Lobby

  • Friday Night Pizza Party & QRP Vendors Night (~6PM – 9PM)
    Bring your own food/snacks and drink, or chip-in for pizza and drink
    “Early-Birds” Meet ‘N Greet Night – Location: “Seminar Room”
    *** (Video presentation of Low-Power outdoor field-ops on the BIG screen)
    NOTE: “Bravo Pizza” 978-635-0637 is only 2 minutes away from the hotel, plus, they will deliver!
  • 10PM+ “Night-Owls Gathering” at the hotel bar for more socializing, snacks, and drinks
    Both Friday and Saturday nights
  • Saturday, September 7th
  • 7AM – NEQRP breakfast at the hotel restaurant
    Fleamarket, Exhibit (Vendor) Hall, and Talks (refer to: Boxboro ‘Schedule’)
  • 12PM QRP Luncheon “outside” (weather permitting) at the hotel cantina, tables available
    Saturday continued
  • 1PM – 4PM NEQRP Symposium Of Talks ***
    In The “Seminar Room”
    1:00 – 1:50 Ed Hare – W1RFI (from ARRL Lab)
    “Antennas, EZ-NEC, Takeoff Angles, and Propagation”
    2:00 – 2:50 Dennis Marandos – K1LGQ
    “Where QRP kits came from and where we are…RIGHT NOW!”
    3:00 – 3:50 Rex Harper – W1REX
    “QRP Kits, building, troubleshooting, operating”
  • 4:45 – 6:45PM The QRP Banquet “Carpool/Caravan” (~9 mins.) to: Yangtze River
  • 7PM – 10PM+
    Saturday evening NEQRP Club Meet ‘N Greet and QRP Vendors Night
  • * * plus – “The Build-A-Thon” * * *
    *** Sign-up for the Build-A-Thon at:
    Location: Seminar Room
    *** NOTE: The Build-A-Thon is sponsored by Rex Harper – W1REX of QRPme ***
  • Sunday, September 8th
  • 7AM – 8AM QRP “Buffet” Breakfast
    Location: Hotel Restaurant (A buffet breakfast extravaganza that all will enjoy.)
  • 1PM – Boxboro Grand Prize Drawings
    Farewell Gathering after the drawing, ~2PM – 3PM
    Location: Hotel Restaurant/Bar and Front-Lobby
  • WQ1RP is our Club callsign which we’ll be using at the Boxboro HAMvention. It will be “partially”
    manned throughout this event. Members can bring along their own QRP stations, and operate from this location using the callsign WQ1RP
  • NEED to contact us at the HAMvention? Call “WQ1RP” on 146.52 direct