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NEScaf Status

UPDATE: July 24th, 2015...

NEScaf kits are SOLD OUT (again) Please do not attempt to order.



 Well, the BOXBORO HAMvention is only weeks off and we have a great schedule of activities and events. I hope many of you can find the time to attend. You won't be disappointed!


QRP-Afield (CQAF)

This coming Saturday, September 20th, 2014 is QRP-Afield, the original granddady of QRP Sprint/Contests.

Read about the changes for this 20th year on-air Sprint here:

NOTE - Username: qrpl   Password: qrpl

*That's QRPL in lowercase.

42nd Year of A Tradition! - Hosstraders - Deerfield HAMfest (a.k.a. NEAR-Fest) WRAP-UP...

42nd Year of A Tradition! - Hosstraders - Deerfield HAMfest (a.k.a. NEAR-Fest) WRAP-UP...


Wow, what a great HAMfest.

Friday & Saturday were filled with great moments, great bargains, and, ... great people.
*(Attached are many pictures of the event at the Deerfield Fairgrounds, compliments of Bud Valcourt - NY1Z.)

another NEScaf on the air

Thanks to you folks back on the East Coast, Portales, NM is now the QTH of another NEScaf on the air.  Took me about a week to round up a project box and a few odds and ends to round out the project and a few hours of enjoyable soldering/wiring.  I've run several audio filters over the years and the NEScaf is on the money for CW - turns my TT Pegasus into a FB cw machine.  

73 from NM's high desert!


jim kc5gwu es molly k9

NESCAF with Stereo CW filter together

Hi all,

did anybody tried the famous NESCAF combined together with known Stereo CW filter on the air please? I am interesting in the behavior of these two audio effects at the same time on the rig...

73 - Petr, OK1RP


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