Contributions sought

From the desk of KK1X –

I guess I’m the new webmaster.

Carl and I have managed to at least start the resurrection of the web site. I have some pictures posted (with more in the queue), and I’ve gotten the newsletters that were on the old site loaded up with some descriptions here and I’d be quite content if anybody who has other issues to step forward. I’ll grab copies and return your newsletters unscathed. This level of historical information is priceless.

Photos are all welcome. NEARFest is coming up and lots of our members will be attending. Please check the membership page to make sure your information is correct. I had to cull information out of a broken database.

If you would like to write articles for posting here, please do. Send along text (plain text is best, please), photos (.jpg or .png), schematics, and the like to me, KK1X, and I’ll build pages to hold your content.

We hope you enjoy the new web page. I’ll be adding old content going forward, but at a pretty lax pace, for I have other stuff to do as well.

vy 73,

John KK1X


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