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Simple W1AW Receiver

Contributed by Chuck Ludinsky, K1CL

Build this simple little receiver for copying bulletins and code practice from W1AW on 80 meters.

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I have been looking for a software package that would permit me to test my NEScaf filter breadboard. I was given a potential package name by Zack Lau, but that one didn't have a signal generator section.

What I did find was a package called:


This package is designed to perform production testing of a speakers, but the author assured me it would do what I want as well. The package is available from:

There is no cost this package and it has both the signal generator and the processing to develop a frequency response plot.

I will let the group know how I make out with this package as soon as I get some time to test it out.


Try this site, Grant, WD6CNF:

Lots of good stuff.


Doug W7RDP

I happened to be in Boston over the second weekend of February for a family gathering, and it was great to attend my second NEQRP luncheon.

Thanks to Dennis for chairing this pleasant gathering.

Made sure I wore my Red Sox hat, something that I must do with caution here in New Jersey.


Charles, W2SH
NE QRP # 338

PS. On Thursday evenings I fairly regularly QNI to the Net, that is so adroitly managed by Chuck, K1CL.