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73 es hp cul


I'd like to pick up another NE/scaf with connector kit, but I closed paypay out so I need an address to send out a money order

I had a dream I was a muffler and woke up exhausted.

Hi Bob. You can mail payment for NEScaf kits to:

Paul Kranz W1CFI
51-D Airpark Drive
East Falmouth MA 02536

(This from the NEQRP Club Store web page)

Bruce N1RX

Is it possible to buy the pcb only for this kit?

In the UK we risk being caught by postal services and  customs for a $20 "handling charge" plus 20% tax on goods costing more than about $20.00.

This makes it a bit uneconomical to buy kits a this price.


Don m5aky

Bristol UK

We are corresponding with Don to get him a PC board. I don't know if this will be an option for routine orders going forward. Perhaps a mini-kit of just the board and hard to find parts like the SCAF chip and pots may be a possibility.-Bruce, N1RX