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dennis is now famous....

Dennis was interviewed about neqrp and etc. in this podcast:

Ex Vermonter

I was lisenced in Mount Holly Vt in 1978 as KA1BWE and operated there until August 1087 whan I moved to Idaho. I have used many QRP rigs starting with the HW8 and now use the FT 818 with a MFJ 860 swr/pwr meter and aMFJ 902 tunner, with a modified Black and Decker car start battery and 2 solor pannels. straight key j-38 and all antennas are end fed or ham sticks. On base beam and inv v and ham sticks.

QRP AFIELD all green!

I managed to use my "newly" completed spud launcher to have a copper wire over a 100 foot tree, however, in the excitement aiming my "gun," I accidentally 'touched' the launch button and over 250 feet of trace string went everywhere...except up. What a mess! On the second try, I DID get a tracer line over a 100 foot tree and hauled #26 copper wire to new heights. The long wire, as well as a vertical R7, were part of the operations. You gotta love that spud launcher! (QST-March 2009)

My station was all GREEN with a 15 watt solar panel charging a large gel-cell and the IC-703, with long wire in the tree. A Schurr paddle, an MFJ tuner, a lot of lemonade were on hand, set and ready to go.

New Kid on the Blog

Hello All,

My name is James, AA5AO and my QTH is Abilene, Texas.

My current station consisit of a Heathkin HW-8, MFJ tuner, and a 1/2 square for 20 meters.

I am looking for the artwork for the NESCAF since the kits are not in production. If it can be supplied, I would greatly appreciate it.

While I am not on the radio, I am chasing after a couple of boys with ADHD, a Wife, a Mother-in-Law in the nursing home, and a Nursing Career.

Thanks for the read,


Visit the MassCon 2010 web pageMassachusetts QRP Convention Presenters: KB1CMX, AA1TJ, NT1U, N1RX, KO1H, N2APB, N2CX, K1TEV, K1SWL, K1JT, and wG0AT. That's March 12 and 13, 2010.

Moving to Texas without DOD

This is it, guys and gals. We bought a house at 7726 Jim Wells Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78413, where I can do QRP with the full size antennas. My 40M Mizuho 250mW rig will now get the workout it deserves. Good flat topography as far as the eye can see in all directions. Initially I will focus 144.20 efforts to the east with 200mW.

This ought to be fun; nothing at all like the one-legged hooker on Sheridan Road in North Chicago outside Mary's Tailors I saw on occasion. The Mizuho rig only operates from 7.00 to 7.03 MHz. The two meter rig is a Mizuho MX-2 with Xtals for 144.15 through 144.25.


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