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QRP Elmer advice needed

After 15 years as I Tech Plus, I am finally going get off of the chair and take my General Class Test. This maybe my last solar cycle. If I pass the test I am going to reward myself by buying and building a QRP xcvr or xmitter/rcvr combo. If I don't take pass the test, I will study some more and take it the following week. My concern is that, like a Yankee, I don't want to spend a lot of money on a high end kit and I don't want to waste my money on something that won't work. I'm looking at something from QRPME, a Ramsey or Vectronics kit.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Tnks es 73



Does anyone have an NESCAF, built or unbuilt? that they would part with? I'd really like to get one for the regen receiver I'm building.

73, Jim K4AXF

QRP Happy Dance

I don't chase DX (over several decades lived/worked/traveled in about 70 countries, more than I've ever QSO'd), but last night when I heard ON4AOI at 449/559 calling CQ DX and not getting answers, just for giggles I gave him a call and was thrilled when he quickly replied and gave my five Watts a 449. Oh, it all happened 'round about midnight on 1.810 mHz.


Charles, W2SH

The noise floor of the LM386 possible improvement

Dear folks,

Did somebody tried to improve the noise floor of the LM386 by adding the 10k resistor and 10n capacitor in series between pin 8 and the output pin as it was published in the Oklahoma QRP News Letter and then after by KA4UOS in Sprat nr.79 please?

I am interested in the results...

Thank You for responses in advance.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

"Sticky Zipper's" Christmas Present

Hi Gang:

I just registered on the site. Last time I saw most of you was during Lobstercon 2008. A lot has changed since then.

First off Pat (KB3MCT) and I moved from Wilkes-Barre, PA down to Dacula, GA in September of 2008. We still have our house in PA but are actively trying to sell it...preferably to a ham....since it still has the 55 ft tower and TH-7DX beam installed!!

We drove up to PA for Thanksgiving and to get the house ready for the market. Intending to stay only 5-10 days, we drove back on Christas sidetracked by an ice storm on I-81 just north of the North Carolina line. Had to RON for a few hours and then it was back on the road. Got to our place in Dacula about 11PM on Christmas Day.

2009 Fall Meeting - Largest EVER

Fall 2009 Meeting – Huge success!

Members from all directions of the compass ascended upon the fall meeting of the New England QRP Club in Nashua, NH Saturday—November 21st. A variety of club topics were presented with deep details for coming events which were wholly explained and questions, answers and profound explanations were fielded by members with deep authority, assurance and articulation. It is without doubt, the members of the New England QRP club are thoroughly engaged in amateur radio and extremely professional in their work. The club has a powerhouse of knowledge with a backdrop of expertise second to none. It was with great pleasure that we met, mingled, and exchanged our thoughts to promote amateur radio as were know it and what amateur radio ought to be.


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