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Sweepstakes c.w., QRP in WMA

I'm pleased to say N1AW received a certificate from the ARRL for
my score in the November 2009 ARRL Sweepstakes contest: First Place Single Operator QRP CW in the Western Massachusetts section.

This makes it two years in a row. Of course it's also two years in a row that I seem to have been the only operator in the WMA section to submit a log in the QRP class for the cw weekend. But I did make a total of 50 QSOs with a multiplier of 33, in 6 hours of operation. The rig for these efforts was an HW-8, 2 watts output at best.

Results from QRP Afield 2010

The results are in and Arn, K0ZK, is atop the listing for the 2010 QRP Afield. Conditions may not have been great, but they were a lot better than 2009! Congratulations to all who participated.


Wonder if anyone else has come across this. I just finished assy of my new NEScaf and all works gangbusters with my regen. Only problem is I'm getting RF into the receiver from what I can only think is harmonics from the clock. Other than putting it in a metal case, does anyone have other ideas to solve this ? I'm using a 9V battery as B+ so it's definitely not mains borne. Thanks, Paul zs2oe

MF100 vs. LTC1060 in NESCAF filter kit comparison...

Hi folks,

as the preview MF100 chip used in the nice NESCAF filter kit is discontinued already (DIP package) the new chip has been found for this concept as the replacement.

Did You compare the results of the NESCAF filter using the old MF100 and new LTC1060 replacement please? I am interesting the differences and results... do not hesitate to share Your opinion and experiences over there.

Thank You for Your time,

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Pictures of the NEQRP Meeting at Kilarney’s Pub April 10, 2010

The pictures I took at NEQRP Meeting at Kilarney’s Pub April 10, 2010 are available on my QRP site. You can go to the contents page at or directly to the pictures at

I had a great time and I hope that all who attended also had a great time.


NEScaf filter update

It's past time for an update on the New England QRP Club's NEScaf kit.

To date, NEQRP has sold over 800 of these. We have been out of stock for some time as the SCAF chip we were using, National's LMF100, was discontinued in DIP format. We made a preliminary decision to redesign the board to accept the SMT version of the chip.

During that process, one of the club's members pointed us to Linear Technology's LTC1060. It is a drop-in replacement for the LMF100. I obtained some samples, and have tried it in my NEScaf. It appears to offer performance comparable to the LMF100. Please don't ask me for hard numbers- I haven't done THAT kind of analysis. To my ears, it sounds comparable.


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