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FD 2011

Anyone playing qrp in the area for FD?


Have had the NEScaf filter up and running for a few weeks now....

Used with rigs like the HB1A, PFR-3 and Rockmite, a realy worthwhile accessory, it also helps out the FT-857 when the going gets rough....

NEScaf Kit

My NEScaf kit arrived in mail today...Tnx everyone! It will be a welcome addition to my RockMite40!  My first QRPp QSO with RockMite was AZ...that's a 2473.21 km trip using half a watt! Now we're having "FUN"!



Ozarkcon Door Prize

Hi Guys,

I want to thank the club for the door prizes that were presented at Ozarkcon last weekend from the New England QRP Club!  It was a great event.  I was one of the lucky recipients of a NEScaf Kit via a gift certificate at Ozarkcon but I can't seem to figure out how to redeem it.  I've looked on the club's Web page and sent W1CFI a message as instructed but I've had no luck yet.  I'm supposed to return the certificate but I can't figure out where to.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Steve - AA5TB

Fort Worth, Texas


I see the next run of NESCAF kits coming soon! Hope to get one to go with my RockMites!

Member 460 Bob Gaye K2LGJ SK

K2LGJ member #460 passed away on March 22

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Dick Pache HR1/K2LCT in Tegucigalpa Honduras


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