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NEScaf built and working

I finished the filter and did the setup last evening, it still needs an enclosure (at the moment it's strung out across the operating table, in best QRP builders tradition), and I am so impressed with it's performance. Definately using it in tonights NAQCC Sprint. I think I'll be ordering a couple more in the near future for inclusion inside projects. Terrific kit.

No Audio on Pin 5 of 386

 Tns Reply Bruce: I meant touching bench Amplifier prod to pin 5 there was no audio for the bench amp to reproduce,  touching leg 3 with a prod and finger seams to make the 386 come alive with hum so I assume that part is working. And yet I have a signal on leg 3 of 386, I now it sounds ridiculous. Having a signal on pin 3, and 386 seems to be working, and yet no signal on pin 5. I'm back to the bench for another look-see. Brion

I just finished my Nescaf. Working great!

I enclosed my Nescaf filter in a round cat food can.  I'm using it with the can upside down for cosmetic reasons and once I got the filter board inside the can I used Goop glue to put a regular tin can lid on the bottom.  It is working great.  The filtering is fantastic and the sidetone is the best I've ever heard.  I feel like I'm using a new, high dollar rig.  I'm using it right now on my Omni D.  The Omni D has always been a great rig and is my main rig.  However, the addition of the Nescaf filter is so good that words do not do it justice.  I am one satisfied customer.  The audio is pu

Lobstercon 2011 Pictures

My Lobstercon 2011 July 8-10, 2011 photos are posted on my web site they
can be gotten to through the contents page at Or directly at .

I had a good time and hope that you will enjoy the pictures.


FD 2011

Anyone playing qrp in the area for FD?


Have had the NEScaf filter up and running for a few weeks now....

Used with rigs like the HB1A, PFR-3 and Rockmite, a realy worthwhile accessory, it also helps out the FT-857 when the going gets rough....


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