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Results from QRP Afield 2011

N4BP reclaimed the top spot this year! Thanks to all competitors.


Thanks for allowing me the honer of joining the N.E.Q.R.P. Club. As you can probably tell I`m a transplant from the north east (RI). Do 99% QRP. My antenna isn`t that great but I have worked into the north east, WG1L in ME. and K1YAN in MA. Working on a better ant. but not much room to put one up. I use an INV-V right now only up 20 ft. Hope to hear more from the N.E. this winter.

73, Roger (WA1GCT)

New Member.....

I'm a 58 yo guy... who discovered Ham back in the early 80's... Globe Scout transmitter and a Hallicrafters SX-99, all CW, from the 50's....

Then dropped out after a couple of years.... until the early 90's... QRP... built a Norcal 40A... had fun with that...

Now looking to get back involved.  Got the Norcal still... will use that on 40 for the time being... want to build an Elecraft2....  but open to suggestions...


Live in Southern NH... get in touch! 


Having problems with NEScaf kit


I built a filter a few weeks ago and it works great. I told a friend of mine and he ordered and built a kit too.

He was not as fortunate as I was and his filter is dead! We've have checked the pcb for problems like soldering, wiring, etc and tested the regulator, the clock and the audio amp and they are all working fine but no signal comes through the filter, i.e. the SCAF chip is not working.

NEScaf built and working

I finished the filter and did the setup last evening, it still needs an enclosure (at the moment it's strung out across the operating table, in best QRP builders tradition), and I am so impressed with it's performance. Definately using it in tonights NAQCC Sprint. I think I'll be ordering a couple more in the near future for inclusion inside projects. Terrific kit.

No Audio on Pin 5 of 386

 Tns Reply Bruce: I meant touching bench Amplifier prod to pin 5 there was no audio for the bench amp to reproduce,  touching leg 3 with a prod and finger seams to make the 386 come alive with hum so I assume that part is working. And yet I have a signal on leg 3 of 386, I now it sounds ridiculous. Having a signal on pin 3, and 386 seems to be working, and yet no signal on pin 5. I'm back to the bench for another look-see. Brion


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