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NEQRP Meeting at ARRL Headquarters in Newington, CT (Saturday, April 21st 2012)

Hello all,

It's been a very busy few months for me, with work, travel, family matters,
etcetera, ... but I'm finally catching-up and getting all the notes together
from our meeting at ARRL Headquarters in Newington, Connecticut, about 5
weeks ago. Thank you for hanging-in-there with me.

Can't leave well enough alone...

The first thing that I put on my NEScaf board was a diode - in the hole for the +ve power lead.  Too darn easy to get the power leads wrong!

And then I started playing!!

Discovered that when I used the filter for RTTY, it appears to work about the same as my 250 hz 8.8mhz filter - as far as the waterfall is concerned anyway.  Of course the crystal filter will have other benefits - and is a lot pricier....

Reversed polarity on Nescaf. Pow!

Where do I get a replacement for the big chip on the board?  The switched capactive filter.  Can I get one from NEQRP club?

NEScaf completed - success!

HI all,

I just completed building my NEScaf and it is working great!  I connected it to my Elecraft K1.  I might also use it with my "tuna can family".  Thanks for providing a nice kit.


Andy (KB1OIQ)

hookup of NEScaf

New at this. Have board filled - now want to atch switch, pors, pw, audio in/out. I'm visual & a sketch sure would help; if that is possible? tnx. Bill n7ag

Noise Bridge

I'm a new member and enjoy QRP. I got back on the air less than 2 years ago. I've decided

to work on W.A.S. and DXCC using only 1 watt of power. I just started this challenge about a

month ago and so far have 20 states and 10 countries confirmed QRP 1 watt. I just added 

Hungary to my DXCC list last night on 40 meters.

I also enjoy CW contests at QRP 5 watts. I just started back contesting this year. I need antennas

for 160 and 80 meters and decided to build a trap antenna designed by Al Buxton, W8NX. One


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