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another NEScaf on the air

Thanks to you folks back on the East Coast, Portales, NM is now the QTH of another NEScaf on the air.  Took me about a week to round up a project box and a few odds and ends to round out the project and a few hours of enjoyable soldering/wiring.  I've run several audio filters over the years and the NEScaf is on the money for CW - turns my TT Pegasus into a FB cw machine.  

73 from NM's high desert!


jim kc5gwu es molly k9

NESCAF with Stereo CW filter together

Hi all,

did anybody tried the famous NESCAF combined together with known Stereo CW filter on the air please? I am interesting in the behavior of these two audio effects at the same time on the rig...

73 - Petr, OK1RP

Winter Meeting in Nashua, NH – February 2013

The February meeting was sensational as many people from far distances came to the Holiday Inn at Killarney's Pub in Nashua, NH to celebrate the dawning of a new QRP radio year. In addition to the sunshine, snow lay on the ground and a cold bite permeated the air, but these were mitigated by the comradery and warmth among those attending our "spring" meeting. A complete photo album of smiling faces, with thanks to our faithful photographer Bob Schmeichel - N1RXV, is viewable at

Results from QRP Afield 2012

WAØITP takes the top prize this year! Thanks to all 14 competitors who submitted logs.

Special Winter Meeting is February 2, 2013

Groundhog by D. Gordon E. Robertson via Wikimedia CommonsA special winter NE QRP meeting will be held February 2, 2013. Bring your friends, your neighbors, your relatives who know what the New England QRP Club is all about and all of your friends who love QRP and building QRP gear.

2012 Chowdahcon &QRP to the Field

I took part in this event in 2009, and have enjoyed the pictures taken yesterday.  The wind looks much tamer than what it was three years ago when Carl and I hoisted a nice box antenna, but then it was towards the end of the afternoon and no antenna was attached.  A delta or delta conyne kite is better for low-wind condx, and that looks to be what appears  marooned on a pole yesterday.

As for Saturday's QRP to the Field, I decided that 40m's skip distance would best favor my five Watts making it into the Red Flops Nation.  My log shows:

W1PNS/1    1825Z


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