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Nashua meeting February 9

UPDATE 20080210

The New England QRP Club Luncheon was a resounding success and everyone had many good stories, ate fine food and listened to wonderful conversations at the Nashua Holiday Inn. There were two dozen members and non-members who showed excitement for the goodies which were spread out on the tables for everyone to buy, look, sell, and just wonder at.

Emceeing the event was Dennis Marandos - K1LGQ who presented several topics to those present which were analyzed, discussed and bantered about. Members from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey were present to share the camaraderie which was true to form and enjoyed by all.

Several club issues were discussed and new ideas were brought up and germinated for future consideration. Overall, the QRP luncheon was very well received and talk of future meetings prevailed.

The following members enjoyed their time at the NE QRP Luncheon:

01. Ron Pfeiffer - W2CTX
02. Dave Siegrist - NT1U
03. Raymond Richard - W4RPR
04. Tom Farnsworth - K1NNJ
05. Phil Hopkins - KB1JKL
06. Mark Dulcey - KE1L
07. Bub Valcourt - NY1Z
08. Mike Ryan - K1WVO
09. Dave Roberston - KD1NA
10. Jim Fitton - W1FMR
11. Tim Ikeda - KA1OS
12. Scott Richardson - N1AIA
13. Charles Moizeau - W2SH
14. Mike Rioux - W1USN
15. Bob Reiser - AA1M
16. Jim Cluett - W1PID
17. Bill Noyce - AB1AV
18. B. Scott Anderson - NE1RD
19. Greg O'Brien - NE1OB
20. Dennis Marandos - K1LGQ
21. Greg Algieri - WA1JXR


Don't forget this summer will be the ARRL convention in Boxborough, Massachusetts.


I attended Nashua from the invitation of K1LGQ. A great time was had by all. I truly enjoyed meeting such a great group of guys. Now that I have two new hearing aids, maybe I can learn the code. QRP is a great challenge, and a challenge like that I like.
Anyone wishing help or pointers on SMT (surface mount technology)can contact me or relay through Dennis K1LGQ. I do this for a living and have 29 years of experience at it. I also have acces to some SMT parts

Phil Hopkins