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2012 Chowdahcon &QRP to the Field

I took part in this event in 2009, and have enjoyed the pictures taken yesterday.  The wind looks much tamer than what it was three years ago when Carl and I hoisted a nice box antenna, but then it was towards the end of the afternoon and no antenna was attached.  A delta or delta conyne kite is better for low-wind condx, and that looks to be what appears  marooned on a pole yesterday.

As for Saturday's QRP to the Field, I decided that 40m's skip distance would best favor my five Watts making it into the Red Flops Nation.  My log shows:

W1PNS/1    1825Z

KC1JB         1830

W4MCQ/1   1838

NB1N           1921

N1AIA          1928

Then, lo and behold, I heard W1C for the first time and he was working NB1N. The instant that QSO was over at 1931Z, I called, but obtained no reply and I never heard W1C again.  He sure didn't stay long on 40m. Bummer!

KE1L            1937

KM1N           1943

KG3W           2051

VE3MPQ      2100



Charles, W2SH


Glad to have you in the log, Charles. You were my second, after NB1N. Then worked W4MQC and KM1N and that was it for my 35 minutes on 40. Also heard W1C, weakly, but only once. JW5E was just a few khz up. I called in the open and couldn't get his attention.