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FD 2011

Anyone playing qrp in the area for FD?

Is there any interest in forming a southern new england chapter of NEQRP?

Since I joined NEQRP 3 years ago there has been one meeting at ARRL HQ but all the other meetings were in NH, a 3-4 hour car ride for me.  I think this regionalizes the club and limits participation of it's southern members

Are there any plans for further ARRL HQ meetings?

Bill, wv1n

Hi, Bill.Historically, meetings at ARRL HQ have been held in opposite years from the ARRL convention in Boxborough, MA. This means only once every other year. It would have been this year, but my understanding is that there were some delays getting a confirmed availability date from our contact at HQ. (This is second-hand info, may or may not be complete/accurate). I agree that the luncheons in Nashua make it very difficult for the southern contingent to attend. Perhaps we can identify another more southern or central location, in MA or CT. We could perhaps alternate luncheon locations and have a couple in each location per year... I'd be up for travelling to say, Springfield, MA for a meeting on occaision. It would be nice to get to see some more of the members. 72/73, Bruce, N1RX