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QRP AFIELD all green!

I managed to use my "newly" completed spud launcher to have a copper wire over a 100 foot tree, however, in the excitement aiming my "gun," I accidentally 'touched' the launch button and over 250 feet of trace string went everywhere...except up. What a mess! On the second try, I DID get a tracer line over a 100 foot tree and hauled #26 copper wire to new heights. The long wire, as well as a vertical R7, were part of the operations. You gotta love that spud launcher! (QST-March 2009)

My station was all GREEN with a 15 watt solar panel charging a large gel-cell and the IC-703, with long wire in the tree. A Schurr paddle, an MFJ tuner, a lot of lemonade were on hand, set and ready to go.

My first QSO was with Steve - AA5TB in Texas with a modest 559 report. I was psyched...I made my first QSO. The 2nd QSO was a knockout with David - CT4RL/1 in Portugal! YES, the band is open and the signals are getting out.

I made 20 QSOs in between snacks, munchies, drinks, bathroom runs and just sheer exercise. It was GREAT and the weather was perfect. Lots of SUN, cool breezes and no bugs. Does it get any better?

I had to QRT at 6:30 (ET) and head for a late supper with friends. It's a good idea to run the contest 11 AM to 11 PM so everyone across the country, and world, has a chance to catch the propagation in their territory. Good going!

Catch you next year and let's hope the weather stay warm!

73--Dennis K1LGQ
Brookline, NH



What band(s) were you on?


I operated two bands which were 40 and 20 meters. I started early in the afternoon on 20 meters and "chased" a lot of stations in hopes they heard me and as the day progressed, I switched to 40 meters in the late afternoon. A lot of "high power" station near by but I did manage to hit a lot of the western states: Utah, Oregon, Washington, as well as mid-Atlantic states: Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, North and South Carolina. Virginia and West Virgina plus Texas were part of the haul.

I sent my scores to Chuck - K1CL and I am sure in time, he will post the logs of those who sent them. There were QRP stations working fellows out of my "ear shot" and they were very BUSY! However, I had a great deal of fun just using all the gear I had tucked away in my QRP box which is why I love this hobby. I got to use all the antenna tuners, batteries, earphones, paddles, cable upon different cable plus the tasty munchies to keep me happy for the day. I can't wait for the next one!

Brookline, NH


Brookline, NH