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New Kid on the Blog

Hello All,

My name is James, AA5AO and my QTH is Abilene, Texas.

My current station consisit of a Heathkin HW-8, MFJ tuner, and a 1/2 square for 20 meters.

I am looking for the artwork for the NESCAF since the kits are not in production. If it can be supplied, I would greatly appreciate it.

While I am not on the radio, I am chasing after a couple of boys with ADHD, a Wife, a Mother-in-Law in the nursing home, and a Nursing Career.

Thanks for the read,


Hello James, and welcome.

The PC board for the NESCaf is being redesigned, due to parts availability. The artwork for the board is not public domain.

If you would like to hombrew your own, the schematic is available on the NEScaf page for download. It is not very complex, and can easily be built on a perfboard, etc. I have built a few this way myself.

GL es 72/73,
Bruce N1RX