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About the NEQRP website launched in August 2006. Prior to this, the NEQRP web presence was generously hosted by under the WQ1RP callsign. The club has been online since the 1990s.

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Would like to have my membership # 359
reflect the change in my call sign on
the club's roster.

Please change from AG5P to K5EST

Walter Dufrain - K5EST - NEQRP#359

Updated #359 to K5EST.

Hello all; I am 68yrs and a retired electrician. First licenced 1954 as Wn1DGE at 15.
I am just getting active again building after 30yr. Last time I built anything was in 70's. I just finished a DC40a that has got me hooked again on minimalmist rigs. I have always enjoyed using CW always under 50W. Committing to 5w or less is very intriguing.
I'm finding that my junk-box is conducive to building glow-bug type gear so kits are the order of the day.

My member number is 192 Michael Schmitt my new call is N1MS can this be changed?




Done, Mike. -Bruce N1RX

Would like to request a change to the member list to reflect my new callsign


NEQRP # 737

new -  KQ2RP 


TNX & 72,





Bruce, N1RX

Can I get my call sign changed?  I am Wallace Kimura, Member #382

Old call sign, N1MVU

New call sign, KE1LF

Hello, Wallace. I have emailed your request to our membership coordinator Ron Silvia, WB1HBA. He handles all such things, and will get the list updated shortly. 72/73, Bruce N1RX


My call is now KA1ZFY and my last name is "Eisenberg."