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The New England QRP Club WQ1RP CW net is held on 80M on Thursday nights at 8:30 pm Eastern (Daylight or Standard) Time (i.e., 0030Z or 0130Z Friday). The nominal frequency for the net is 3.566 MHz, with some adjustment plus or minus to accommodate other QSOs at the time the net starts.

We have no SSB net until further notice. Members are encouraged to meet Tuesday evenings at 7:30 PM (Eastern Time), on or around 7.285 MHz. Just call "CQ New England QRP Club."

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I've had my Softrock Lite 80 m receiver sitting by the computer since January and listen for the net whenever I remember it's on. Signals last night were the best I've heard them.

WQ1RP was easy copy till the end, when QSB came on hard. W1KX and W1FMR were also strong. The other three (?) stations were audible, but hard to copy through the speakers in a room with other things going on.

Not long after the net, I ordered a front panel headphone jack for the computer case.

I'll also need to improve the antenna (a 3-foot telescoping whip) and get started on a transmitter.

Just in time for summer.


can You confirm me the 3566kHz net starting at 00:30 UTC please?

73 - Petr, OK1RP


I ordered a Nescaf kit and paid via paypal on Feb 6th. It's not arrived yet. Bearing in mind the comments recently about how fast they have been arriving, even to the UK, I'm getting a little twitchy.


Can anyone confirm that my order was received and/or has been shipped?

Sorry if this is not the correct way to ask, but I've tried emailing (a while back) and never had a reply. So this seems to be the only way.









FYI all, Roger has been in contact with Dave. We are tracking this down. -Bruce, N1RX