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The New England Amateur Radio Festival started in spring 2007 after the demise of the venerable Hosstraders event. NEAR-Fest I was a success and the organizers have continued the event. For details, visit

Note: NEQRP is not a sponsor for NEAR-Fest, inasmuch as we do not provide financial or logistical assistance. Many of us wouldn't miss it, though!


Hi Gang.
I will be at NEAR-Fest this weekend in Deerfield NH. The weather is shaping up to be great too. I will be bringing a quantity of the Club's NEScaf filter kits with me. (Special show pricing in effect!)

Hope to see many of our NEQRP friends there.
72/73 Bruce N1RX

Will anyone be representing NEQRP at the May(2009) Near-Fest
this year (with kits)?


Hi John.

I currently have parts on order for the next round of NEScaf kits. I am hopeful that we will be able to get some kitted up before NEAR-Fest. I will be there all weekend, and hope to have kits for sale from that batch.

Bruce N1RX

Hello Bruce,

For those who can't make it to NEARFest, is it likely some of the kits will again be available for mail order in May?

73, Al N1AW

As soon as more NEScafs are kitted we will re-enable the order option on the webpage. We hope to have this done by the end of April, pending receipt of parts. Thanks for the inquiry.
-Bruce, N1RX