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NEScaf Help is available

Now that the NEQRP NEScaf audio filter has been launched, this forum is available for troubleshooting, advice, or general questions about the project. We have several helpful people who will monitor this forum and try to answer all questions in a timely fashion.

We hope you enjoy building and using this very handy accessory. Remember.... the excitement is building...

Bruce N1RX

Can someone send me a more detailed drawing showing what goes where on the 6 contacts of the DPST switch? 

Thanks, Dave

Dave, I have sent you an email describing the switch wiring in some detail. Please let me know if you need any further help.


Bruce, N1RX

Hi folks,
I just joined NEQRP a couple of weeks ago. I'll be coming to the February 2 meeting, and am looking forward to rubbing shoulders with other QRP enthusiasts. I just got into QRP over the holidays. I'm not a "rig builder" but appreciate the efforts of those who are. I'm using a Yaesu FT-450D at 5 watts (its minimum). I've contacted France, Russia, and South Africa and the west coast of the US on low power (brag brag!). CUL, 72, Rick St. Clair