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NEScaf question assembly part C6

Best printed circuit board I've ever had the pleasure to solder. QUESTION: Part C6 is stated in the manual to be an NP0 .001 microF, marking 102. Yet, the only part I have left over is a capacitor marked "TV3 0701". This is very unconventional capacitor marking. Do I use this part?

The power supply and audio amp tested out perfectly.


Lee Kitchens
10233 E. Superstition Range Rd
Gold Canyon, AZ 85218-4927

Lee- Did you check the -other side- of the capacitor for any markings?

-Bruce, N1RX


Marking 0701 reads 102 if the cap is read upside down!!! So, that issue was solved.

Now, new problem(s). All tests work. Yet, the CW from the NorCal 40 sounds more clear by itself than through the NEScaf. Why? Also, the bypass to eliminate the NEScap does not work; I hear nothing. I have checked the wiring at least 45 times; 3 hours checking the wiring! Also, I blew 3 fuses on the Rigrunner power supply and replaced all and yet the NEScaf power works fine now.

How can I just buy one of these units without dealing with all the problems of assembly???

Thanks, Lee

For those of us that don't have a electronics background, could someone simplify the Fig#1 . Like what goes where on 1 - 2 -3
4 - 5 - 6. Thanks in advance,

As a non-electrical person with kit-building tendencies, does anyone have a wiring diagram like that requested by K7AGN. Also need information on connecting the audio connectors in the unit using the connector kit supplied by the club.

Thanks for any assistance.