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2012 Chowdahcon &QRP to the Field

I took part in this event in 2009, and have enjoyed the pictures taken yesterday.  The wind looks much tamer than what it was three years ago when Carl and I hoisted a nice box antenna, but then it was towards the end of the afternoon and no antenna was attached.  A delta or delta conyne kite is better for low-wind condx, and that looks to be what appears  marooned on a pole yesterday.

As for Saturday's QRP to the Field, I decided that 40m's skip distance would best favor my five Watts making it into the Red Flops Nation.  My log shows:

W1PNS/1    1825Z

QRP Happy Dance

I don't chase DX (over several decades lived/worked/traveled in about 70 countries, more than I've ever QSO'd), but last night when I heard ON4AOI at 449/559 calling CQ DX and not getting answers, just for giggles I gave him a call and was thrilled when he quickly replied and gave my five Watts a 449. Oh, it all happened 'round about midnight on 1.810 mHz.


Charles, W2SH

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